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The powder coating process involves three basic steps – preparation or pre-treatment, powder application and curing. Sandblasting is available for the complete removal of visible oils, mill scale, rust, paints, corrosion products and other foreign matter in order to properly prepare carbon steel for powder coating.

For all products that are to be to be powder coated, we first determine whether sand blasting or chemical cleaning is required. Cleaning is essential prior to the powder coating process. The method used depends on the size and the material of the product to be powder coated, what exactly needs to be removed and what the finished product will be used for, including how much impact resistance will be required. The pre-treatment process not only thoroughly cleans the product, but also helps the coating bond with the surface.

For the sand blasting process, we sandblast the metal before applying a zinc rich primer, if required. The topcoat is then added, followed by a second topcoat on metallic or dormant powders that require a clear coat to enhance the colour.


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